CECI n'est pas EXECUTE Koyré : International workshop Knowledge translation on a global scale

Actualités et appels à contribution | 2016-2017

International workshop Knowledge translation on a global scale

12-13 janvier 2017, Institut d'études avancées - Hôtel de Lauzun - 17 quai d’Anjou, 75004 Paris

International workshop Knowledge translation on a global scale

The aim of this workshop is to contribute to the discussion about the complex and multi-faceted interactions engendered in the translation of knowledge between cultures across space and time, as well as the aspects inevitably involved in the process of both its transmission and reception. The contributions address the translation of concepts, also examining the lexical changes initiated by the influx of new or foreign knowledge, and that of practices, i.e. concrete examples to be found in the process of translating knowledge, which in turn entails its interpretation and adaptation.

This workshop seeks to analyze the different dimensions and aspects of knowledge translation: linguistic/epistemic, as a historical process, as mutations and transformations of words, actions and practices, also exploring the motives of agents involved in knowledge translation processes, among others. Moreover, knowledge translation involves circulation processes, which lead us to pose the following questions: Why, how and where does knowledge circulate? In turn, this implies the compelling task of looking into different scales, global and local. In terms of materialization of knowledge translation, when does it take place? Is it preceded by different itineraries of knowledge circulation, collection and elaboration? Conceiving translation as transformation involves tracing the origins of new forms of knowledge and construction of meaning from a cross-cultural perspective. Last but not least, appropriation is also part of all these processes, when translation could involve appropriation by the receiver, but not necessarily.

Organized by Ana Carolina Hosne (Paris IAS - National University
of San Martín) and Antonella Romano (Centre Alexandre Koyré,


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