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The doctoral program “Sciences, techniques, savoirs : histoire et société” is open to all students who have already completed a master’s degree, a DEA or have an equivalent diploma, and in particular hold a master’s degree from EHESS in “Histoire des sciences, technologies, sociétés.” The program offers a framework for study and research for students interested in the history and social study of science, technology and knowledge. These include natural, life and social sciences, mathematics and statistics, and also techniques and technologies. The doctoral program offers a number of research seminars open to doctoral students as well as to external researchers interested in taking part in them. It supports the organisation of the doctoral students’ seminars and more generally encourages young researchers’ activities. The program takes part in the opening of new research domains dealing with the objects of transdisciplinary historical investigations and with contemporary science. Its specificity consists in historical and social approach to science, technology and knowledge.


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