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The Alexandre-Koyré Center is in charge of courses of the EHESS masters and doctoral programs in the history of science and technology and science and technology studies. The various lectures and seminars proposed by the Center revolve around the research themes and the historiographic and methodological reflections developed by its researchers. This research training setup incorporates digital humanities tools related to the Center's web platform in history of science, knowledge and technology.

Both the masters program “Histoire des sciences, technologies, sociétés” and the doctoral program “Sciences, techniques, savoirs : histoire et société” have a unique place in the institutional academic context of the Parisian region: by their interdisciplinary dimension intertwining history and social sciences, and also by their ability in linking knowledge analysis, the study of the particular dynamics of knowledge, and the broader social, cultural and political context of knowledge production.

The integration of the Center Alexandre-Koyré into the spheres of the two so-called LabEx (“Laboratories of Excellence”), Hastec (« Histoire et anthropologie des savoirs, des techniques et des croyances ») and Sites (« Sciences Innovations Techniques en Société ») contributes, on the one hand, to increasing the number of courses offered by presenting an additional pool of competences, and on the other hand it offers openings to these students including the possibility of doctoral research in these LabEx. Since 2012, these laboratories provide a significant number of doctoral grants specifically dedicated to students.

With their strong presence in research through the EHESS and these two LabEx, the teaching programs carried out by the Center benefit from an extensive network of circulation and international exchanges  concerning both teachers and students.


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