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Science, Innovation and technology in society (SITES)

LabEx SITES is a territorialized thematic network carried by the PRES (centre of research and higher education) of Université Paris-Est (ESIEE, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, UPEM), the PRES HESAM (EHESS, CNAM), the CNRS, the INRA, the IRD and Université Paris 13. It brings together a very large proportion of the researchers working in the field of science, technology and innovation studies in the Paris area. It promotes the analysis of the co-production of the regimes of science and knowledge, innovation, and social and political order, at different scales ranging from the local to the global, in contemporary times and throughout history. It offers postdoctoral fellowships -- Sara Fernandez (2011-2013) under the responsibility of Dominique Pestre, Annemieke van Hemert (2012-2014), under the responsibility of Amy Dahan -- and one PhD fellowship.


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